Sunday, May 15, 2011

Ordinary Eyeballs

Have you ever thought to yourself, “no one could ever understand how I feel or what I am going through.” Have you ever looked around and thought “Am I normal?” Have you ever looked at a house as your driving by and wondered, “ what is that family going through? Is everyone happy in there?” 
Lately, I’ve been looking at life through what I like to call “ordinary eyeballs.” As humorous as it may sound, I have seen a lot looking at the world through my new set of eyes. I’ve been trying look on the inside of the heart instead of focusing on the outside of a person.
It is easy for me (and probably a lot of us) to get lost in the world of “me” (ourselves.) I know that personally I can get wrapped up in how I feel, what I am wearing, what I am doing; if things are convenient for ME. It doesn’t take too much effort to get caught up in material things and what I call ME things.
After hearing a group of high school students share aspects, struggles, and successes in their lives, it occurred to me that we all, aren’t all that different from each other. In fact, we all share common problems and difficulties in our lives. Whether your looking at the “got it all together” girl or the 4.0 GPA boy with the glasses on, or even an “Emo” couple all dressed in dark colors and bright beads, each and every one of us are going through low times, high successes, and this crazy ride called life. In passing by one of these people, we’d make assumptions and some of us wouldn’t think that we’d be able to personally connect with them. After all, what could we have in common? But when it all comes down to it, each and every one of us, no matter how we dress, or how successful we all are, we all struggle in this life. We all have things in common. 
There has been days where I’ve found myself thinking, “nobody could ever understand what I am going through.” Wrong. I have found by looking through my “ordinary eyeballs” that many people have been through things and hardships that I have been through, and in a way, I believe every single person on this earth can relate to each other some way. Whether, its a hardship, an exciting time, a favorite song, or just the color of our eyes, I believe we all deserve each other and that we all have ways we can relate to each other- think of what a big impact this could make?