Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Born With It


    My musical journey began on January 26th, 1993; the day that I took my very first breath. I was born into this world with a burning love for music. My first tape was Shania Twain and my first two CD's were Martina McBride followed by The Dixie Chicks. With other influences behind me like the Led Zeplin album my Father always cranked in the car as well as other greats such as The Steve Miller Band and The Doors, my love for music continued to grow deeper roots as I got older. 

    When I was 7 years old, I decided to let my family in on my secret. I told them "I have a concert for you!" I called them all in to the living room, sat them down, and proceeded to sing 5 songs by artists such as, Celine Dion, Martina McBride, Margaret Becker and The Dixie Chicks. Looking back on that day now, I must have sold them that night because my parents and family have been nothing but unconditionally supportive in my career ever since I professed my love of music to them. What I didn’t know then was that there was a long line of music on my Dads side of the family, the King Sisters were cousins of my Grandfather.  Music was in fact, in my blood.

    I grew up in a little town north of Seattle called Stanwood. With two amazing parents and one older brother, I had an exceptionally wonderful childhood. Music weaved in and out of other things that I loved when I was young such as sports, art, and teasing the neighbor boys; whether that was by singing really loud to annoy them or making up songs about them that they hated. I wrote my very first full song in 2001. I was just 7 years old and it was right after 9-11 had taken place. It was titled "Just a Little Girl." The song was about how hard it was being a little girl and seeing so many sad things happening in the world. It still touches me when I listen to it now 13 years later.

    Soon after I started writing, I picked up playing the guitar. I have always loved being on stage and singing to the audience. Since I first stepped on stage at the small age of 5, I have always loved the audience. I've always loved to see them smiling, having fun, and enjoying what I was sharing with them. The best way I can explain it is this; It's like when you bake a cake for someone. You have to put so much into it. You find the recipe, go to the grocery store, purchase the items, put time into perfecting the cake batter and measuring the ingredients just right, bake it for the precise amount of time, flip it out of the pan without breaking it, make the frosting, frost it, and then deliver it to the special recipient-And that is the best part- seeing the cake recipient take a bite of that cake. It's their reaction that is priceless; it makes you feel like all the time and energy you put into the cake was more than worth it-that you just made some ones day brighter. This is the feeling I get when I step on stage and deliver my songs to the audience; like I am giving them a piece of hand-made cake, personally from me and it is an overwhelming happy sensation to see their reaction when I deliver.

    I have grown up with a great family and have been blessed tremendously. A lot of people look at me and think "she has the perfect life".  And I really am truly thankful for how much God has put into my life. But, however, it has not always been as easy as it may seem. I can courageously say that I have never taken a drink of alcohol or done a drug. When I chose music, I knew that it wouldn't be worth it to make those kinds of decisions because I loved music so much (and was very lucky to have found such a passion at a young age!). It has been a tough choice to not choose peer pressure, as silly as that may sound. But, I have seen the devastation that can come alongside drugs and alcohol. My best friend from middle school is a recovering addict, my 23 year old cousin and her baby were killed by a drunk driver, as well as my brothers best friend. I could go on and on with the devastation that I have seen and how it has affected me. It takes a lot of determination and hard work to stay away from things that might seem like a good time at the moment. 

    My point in sharing these thoughts with you is this; just because you don't live a hard life, doesn't mean your life can't still be hard. I write in my songs what I have been through, and let me say it has been a lot. I want to make a difference in peoples lives through my music. I want to make your day, I want to give you your moneys worth out of the ticket you purchase when you come to my show. I want to give you great songs with great music behind them. I want to give my audience and fans music that will reach into their soul and make their heart soar, whether in love, in sadness, or in happiness. I want to pull out the emotions inside of us with the lyric and melody.

Love, Hannah 

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