Wednesday, October 20, 2010

True Friends

Be a True Friend

I know what it feels like to walk into the lunch room, take a deep breath, and expect to sit alone again. I know what it feels like to go from being the “most popular”  girl in school to being the “most hated” due to rumors and lies spread like wildfire.
I know what it feels like to walk down the halls with your head hung so you don’t have see and listen to your class mates whispering about you as they walk by. I know what it feels like to be ‘pressured’ into getting a better social status because being yourself "isn’t good enough". 
I know what it feels like to have no friends....

Through all the hard times I had in school, I did learn that there is something more important than being cool, than being “socially accepted” than being sucked into the rumors; something more important than going to the football games; I learned how important it is to be a True Friend

True Friend will love you for you. They will love you for who you are, for what you stand for, for what you believe in, for your kindness & for your heart. Not for what you wear, how popular you are, or if you’re the quarterback of the high school football team.

All it takes is one kind word to change someones day or even change their life. So next time you see someone sitting alone at a lunch table, being hated due to rumors, being gossiped about in the halls, or being pressured by their ‘friends’...follow your heart... and be a True Friend.

Be true to yourself so you can be a True Friend

Hannah Michelle Weeks 

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