Sunday, August 8, 2010

a day in the life

Gooood Morning all!

Let me start off by saying I thoroughly appologize for my failure...

Originaly, I thought "Oh ya, no problem I will blog every day after being on set for 12 hours of filmimg. No big deal! It'll be so fun! So easy!" .... Wrong...Totally wrong....

Friday was a rehearsal day for everyone & it went really really well! We all had a lot of fun on set and I started to get used to the slang and code words used on set; like when one guy called out for a "half apple." I had no idea what that was; and the first things that went through my mind was, "why wouldn't some one just want a half eaten apple? That is silly...but maybe they just werent that hungry?? Hmmm." Turns out, a "half apple" is just a little wooden box to sit on to make some one look taller...who would have thunk?

Yesterday, was one of the longest, most fun days of my life so far. My call time was 8am, so I was up at 6:30am. So sleepy. Luckily, I have a make-up and hair artist on set so I didn't have to touch my hair or make up, which was so nice! The day was good; it was great; it was amazing! Everything went so smoothly and the crew was so extremely nice and just so so great and talented all around! My extras and talent also did such an amazing job and were all so nice too! Thank you extras and talent!!!!!!!! :)

So here I am, it's Sunday morning, that last day of the shoot. I am pumped. I am ready to go! Ready for another 12 hour day of filiming. And ready to feel great accomplishment tonight when they call  it a day and for us to "wrap it up." And I am so excited to eat a huge bowl of Panda Puffs with a generous amount of Almond milk before I go to sleep tonight.... this will be a great day!

With all my love,

Hannah Michelle

p.s. I am sleepy!!!! :)

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