Friday, November 4, 2011

Being Cheap for the Holidays

Every year the holiday season seems to fly by, and come January, I always find myself wishing I would have had more time to enjoy the transition of fall into winter. This year, I knew I had to make a change; I didn't want history to repeat it's self and leave me feeling like I had bad holiday mojo. 

As I thought of different ways to soak up the holiday spirit, one thing came to mind that I instantly thought should do the trick! I thought, "hmm where is the place that I spend most of my time?" Thats easy-my room! I relax, read, listen to music, write, play guitar and just take time to chill out in my room every day and have some me time. So maybe if I decorated my own personal space for the seasons this year, that I would absorb all of the features of the holidays. So off I went to decorate.

You may be thinking, it costs money to decorate! And I actually thought the same thing before I went. This is where I fell in love with The Dollar Store. As you can see in the picture above, on my little shelf above my dresser, there is two glass candy jars. Those were both only a dollar! I got into my art box and pulled out some brown ribbon and tied a bow around each one and then found some little sparkly pumpkins and acorns to fill them with. 

If you look at the top left of the photo, you see my square shelf with two tall glass candle holders. Also only one dollar a piece! Then I just grabbed a little more ribbon and tied a bow around those too. After, I went downstairs and found some little candles that fit perfect! 

The three porcelain pumpkins on my dresses were also only A DOLLAR a piece! I am getting too excited writing about these great finds...

You can also see that  I have a big candle holder on my dresser holding a burn orange colored candle (no pun intended...actually yes definitely pun intended) . It's super beautiful and vintage looking. It's dark brown with a little gold on it and it's super heavy so it feels expensive! It was $1.99 at the second hand store. Amazing! 

The letters on the left spelling AUTUMN came from some one who gave me a huge box of old marquee sign letters. I have so much fun using them all over the house! When my fiddle player Heather came to stay for a show, I put the letters up in her window to say Queen Heather and on her night stand put Fiddler. So fun! 

The sticks on my shelf are just branches off of trees from my woods and I just sat all of that on top of an old round mirror I had. I took a bunch more brown ribbon ( I had a huge roll!) and placed it around a big off white candle I found around my house just to even up the other side of my dresser. 

Now when I lay in my room, I delight in the season- for a cheap cost! 

I love my Fannahs.

Love, Han 


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I'd say you were being practical or economically savvy:) It does look cute though. I do the same thing with my window sills. Kari