Thursday, January 13, 2011

Breaking Up, Breaking Down, and Breaking Through.

A fan wrote to me and asked that I talked about a subject that I think a lot of girls and women of all ages can relate to. It's a topic that makes our chocolate intake sky rocket to the moon and that makes our pillows sopping wet with tears at night. Thats right ladies, todays topic: break ups.

On the first night after you and your beau have split, it is completely necessary to self soothe by eating multiple gallons of ice cream, (I prefer chocolate or "Everything But The" by Ben and Jerry) watch sappy depressing romance movies, and make yourself completely miserable for one night. Call up your girlfriends and complain to them, cry yourself to sleep, and let the mascara run.

After a night of sorrow, it's time to pick yourself up off the ground, wipe the mascara from under your eyes and look in the mirror. Your beautiful, your strong, your intelligent, after all, you are a women! No matter who breaks up with who, I find that there is always a lack of confidence and self esteem after a break up. ( at least I know thats how I've felt in the past) thats why it is so important to just keep moving forward with life. When you're feeling sad or stressed, go to the gym. I love running when I am upset because it always gives me more energy and drive to run faster and longer especially when I have my hot pink head phones in with my ipod blasting all those "man hating" songs. Put on some make-up, prettify your hair and go burn some calories! Make yourself feel good and look beauteous. Call up your girl friends and plan for some fun. Keep a busy schedule and avoid having too much time alone with your ice cream bowl and big pasta-serving-sized spoon. Keep yourself feeling beautiful because you are.

Don't forget that time heals everything. Ever heard the saying "This Too Shall Pass" ? Well it is definitely true. I have been through my fair share of heart aches and heart breaks and one thing I  always regretted was being so depressed when I could have been rebuilding my self confidence. Not crying my eyes out for weeks and getting fat from eating a frightful amount of self pity desserts. I wish I wouldn't have forgotten how strong I really was.

Stay positive and stay true to yourself. Remember that there is some one for everyone, that everything happens for a reason, and whats meant to be will always find a way. Your a princess. Your knight in shining armor will find you one day, I promise. Don't ever stop dreaming of that fairy tale.



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