Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Make-up, Hair products, Beauty, OH MY!

How many times have you bought a face wash that only made your skin worse? How much money have you spent on mascara that is sworn to make your eyelashes so long that any man can see them from across the room? And how many times have you put some gunk in your hair that made your bangs stick straight up and your hair greasy when it supposed to "tame the lions mane." I have been in every one of these situations so I want to share with you the things I have finally found that work for me; that I would give up anything for.

Clean Start by Dermalogica is what I use to start off my day. I use Wash Off face wash followed by All Over Clear toner spray which helps with unwanted pimples and acne. Then, I apply Brighten Up face lotion witch leaves my skin radiant and glowing. It also has SPF 15 in it which prevents my face from getting sun damage. My face has never been so clear until I started using this line of product. Before bed, I wash my face again, twice. Once to get the make-up off and once more to wash away any left over make-up that I might have missed. After that, I apply Bed Time Breakouts serum that I leave on my face over night to help fight and prevent acne. I also use Hit The Spot when I have one pimple that just wont go away and I have a date or special event! Don't you just hate that ladies? When you have some where important to be but your look like rudolf with a big bright red pimple right smack on your nose? Well if you apply Hit The Spot to the problem area, I swear, it'll be gone in no time! It has saved my life, or should I say my face, many times! Last but definitely not least, I exfoliate three times a week with Ready, Set Scrub. It leaves my face feeling so refreshed! I couldn't live with out it. 

Color Science is where it's at when it comes to concealer, powder foundation, and bronzer. I can't get enough of this mineral make up! Not only does it not clog your pores, but it looks SO natural and is really water proof for the girls who like to snowboard in the winter and surf or swim in the summer! I use California Girl for the color of my powder foundation and concealer and Touch Of Mink for my bronzer.

MAC make-up has been one of my favorite lines for eyeshadows, lip glosses, and mascaras. My dream one day is to own every color of MAC eye shadow that there is! I think that might be every make-up lovers dream! I do love every color of eyeshadow, but for my blue eyes, browns, blues, and pinks make my eyes stand out the most. What made me fall in love with their eyeshadows was how it never creases. Even after a long performance on stage under the hot lights, my eyeshadow still looks like I just put it on! For mascara, I use Opulash. It lengthens and thickens my lashes at the same time, what more could  a girl want! And for lipgloss, I like to play with every color. MAC lipgloss has just the perfect amount of smack to it and the colors are brilliant!

Brocato is the best hair spray I have found so far. When I am getting ready to be on stage, I use Maximum Hold hair spray. It gets my hair high in volume, low in stickiness, and flawless in the "fly aways" department. When I am just going out and about in town or even just at home, I use Moveable Hold which allows my hair to still be able to move around but it still keeps up the volume and shape. Also I use the Vibrastriat Flat iron...when I first used this, It was like cupid had just hit me. 

I.C.O.N is the latest shampoo that I am hooked on. I use Drench for my shampoo and Free for my conditioner. It is thicker than most shampoo's and conditioners that I have used but it makes my hair moisturized and gives it great volume! Plus, they come in really cool bottles! 

Miracle Styling Serum is just that; a miracle. Their It's A 10 Styling Serum is beyond amazing. I apply it when my hair is wet and blow dry it in. It makes my hair incredibly soft and takes care of all those little frizzies. I use it absolutely every single day. 

How many of you ladies get skin bumps or red bumps on your legs when you shave? I used to hate wearing dresses because of it! But, a couple of months ago I was walking down the isle at a drug store and found Lady Cremo Shave Cream. I have never had such smooth, soft legs before ever. Say good by to razor burn ladies! This stuff is serious! 

That concludes my collection. I hope this helped out anyone who has been searching for the "perfect" beauty product! These products have all saved me a lot of money, unnecessary acne, and nutty hair doo's. Money may not be able to buy you love, but it can sure buy you some good beauty products!



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