Monday, January 10, 2011

Everything but the Kitchen Sink...

I was so excited about my new suitcase that I could have cuddled with it while I slept last night. Not only is it red, but it's not like any suitcase that I have ever seen. You can hang up your clothes in this suitcase; and then it folds in half and zips up! How fantastic, right?! My clothes wont be wrinkled when I land in NY! I couldn't wait to pack!!....that was yesterday...

Today, however, wasn't quite so fantastic. You see, this magical new red suitcase didn't exactly work to my advantage. It all started when I tried to hang it up on the back of my door so it would be easier to hang stuff up in while I packed. I just about ripped off my arms as my 5'4 frame tried to hop up and hang the 15 pound 5 foot long suitcase on the door...I eventually had to go get a stool to stand on. (the same stool I have to stand on in my room to reach the top shelf in my closet where I put my pants.) I would have asked someone for help but the only available assistance was my mini yorkie Moo and white poodle-ie dog Charlie. 

With my little stool under my feet, I finally hoisted up the massive, swanky suitcase up onto the door. After putting clothes in piles, organizing outfits, and hanging the clothes on hangers, I proceeded to hang up my clothes in the red suitcase. I was proud. I was over the moon with my accomplishment of hanging each and every one of my hand picked outfits up in my extraordinary red suitcase. I left the room with an enormous dopy smile smacked right across my face. 

It wasn't till five hours later when I tried to zip it up did I realize that the red, magical, extraordinary suitcase could only hold about four outfits on hangers --not twelve. So farewell to you, red suitcase. Back to the store you go. I hope you will find a better home where the owner does not try to pack everything but the kitchen sink.



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